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The Market at Buxton's Q&A

Here are all of the details you need to know for our markets at Buxton's in Anacortes. This page was created for vendors who have registered for an upcoming event. If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please email Frannie at

What to know for the Market at Buxton's in Anacortes

Venue is indoors and located at 1904 Commercial Avenue, Anacortes, WA 98221


Vendor Parking:

Street parking. We request you do not park directly next to the building during market hours to leave room for customers to park (this includes next to the building on 19th). There is a lot across the street for the Barrett Building that you can park at during the market.

Market Hours: 10 AM - 3PM

Setup Details

All spots are pre-reserved. If you need a reminder on which spot you reserved, a map will be posted at the bottom of this webpage the Friday before the market event and booths will also be labeled when you arrive for setup.


There are two entrances to the building. The back entrance through the courtyard is ADA accessible and has a ramp. The front entrance has a few steps.


Setup begins the morning of the market at 8AM. AND for the 12/3 market, we are able to set up Friday from 3-5:30PM. If you plan to come on Friday, please let me know via email so I know to expect you. The back doors will be unlocked for Friday setup, and back and front doors will be open for Saturday setup. If you need more than 2 hours to setup, please email Frannie at to arrange more time.


Please pull into the back courtyard lot from 19th and pull as far forward as you can. You can exit through the alley to proceed to the parking lot across the street or park on 20th.

Once you have unloaded your car, please move it as soon as possible so other vendors may unload as well.


The property does have WIFI and decent cell coverage.

The WIFI network is Kennelly, password is takelessons (all lowercase, all one word)

Breakdown Details

The event goes from 10 AM until 3PM. Please plan on having your booth ready to go for shoppers starting at 10AM.

Vendors are not permitted to break down their setup prior to 3PM as it provides a negative experience for shoppers. Please plan on breaking down your booth prior to pulling your car to the the lot to make breakdown go as smoothly as they can go.

Booth needs/
Building info

All vendors must provide their own setup, including tables, linens and displays.

Please note: Tables are *not* provided with your space.

Electrical outlets are available in most booths, some may need an extension cord. 

Booth lighting: The building is old and the lighting can be inconsistent in areas - especially in the Main Hall. If your items have specific lighting needs, please bring display lights and an extension cord (or even better if they are battery powered - I love using a Halo Bolt portable charger for everything!) A lot of the outlets are 2 prong and I do have a few outlet converters if you need one. Please let me know in advance if you need an outlet. 

A quick tip: bring lighting even if you don't think your booth needs it! During winter months, it will help brighten up your booth and attract more customers.

Walls: We do not have permission from the building owner to hang anything on the walls with nails. Please plan accordingly. You can use command strip hooks or 3M tape - but it must be fully removed once the event is complete.

Layers: The building can be a very drafty, especially in the winter. Bring lots of layers just in case you run cold. We crank up the heat - but it still tends to be cold.

Bathrooms: There are two bathrooms located on the main floor. They are labeled Ladies and Men - but really, any gender could use either one as the women's tend to have a line. There is also a secret bathroom on the 2nd floor that I only tell vendors about (accessible by the stairs). Great option if you don't want to wait!

Food: Bring snacks to keep nourished throughout the day as there are no food vendors on site! The closest food to the building is a block away (Starbucks, Mod Pizza, or Happy Wok Teriyaki).


We request that vendors not park directly next to the building between 10AM and 3PM (market hours) as we want to leave this open as much as possible for shoppers.


Please park across the street in the Barrett Building lot or off of 20th street, or on O Street.

Payment types

All vendors need to have their own payment processing methods.

There is not a cash machine on site, so if you are allowing cash payments, please be sure to bring your own petty cash to make change. 

Vendors can choose any method in processing their own payments. Many vendors use Square, Venmo, or Paypal to process electronic payments as well as accepting cash. This is all completely up to you and what works for your business.

There is Wifi Available (Kennelly Keys - password is takelessons) if you don't want to use cell data.

Consignment Vendors

This only applies to vendors in the Consignment Room.

Please send me your list of items and pricing prior to the Wednesday before the market so I can get it entered into my POS system. I'll be able to send you a report after the event with what you've sold.

The Layout for the next market will be posted here by the Thursday before the market date.


Photo below is the layout for the December 10th Market.

12.10 layout.PNG

Main Entrance to Buxton's from Commercial Avenue

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