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Rachelle Eason

Rachelle Marie Coaching & Consulting

Hey! I’m Rachelle (that’s pronounced “ruh-shell,” and if you get that right, let me know and I have something for you). I’m here to tell you that I get it. I get it when you experience stunned disbelief by the limiting opinions of others. I get those people to whom the thought that they can’t do something doesn’t exist. The go-getters, the Type-As, the high achievers, the “you don’t think I can do that? Watch me!” That’s because I am one.

I always loved the story about the bumble bee, who according to aerodynamics, should not be able to fly because its wings are too weak and its body too heavy.  A bumble bee has grit and flies anyway.  That is me.  A high school drop out, in a difficult relationship, with two babies before I was 20, I had to work hard to “prove” that I was not a statistic and would not be held back by my limitations.  Just like my peers, but with obstacles they could not imagine, I was able to graduate from college, and then law school right along with them.  From there, with a new husband and three more babies, including twins, I found myself in a small town with no friends or family and in need of a job.  With no options, no capital, but a tough spirit, I hung a shingle and never looked back. 

Nearly three decades later, after all the hustle and drive, I found myself stressed out, burnt out, and basically at rock bottom. I spent so many years on high alert keeping a large family (we added a surprise baby along the way for a total of 6 kids) and a small business running smoothly, that I had neglected myself. I was over drinking, overeating, and generally making bad choices with my time, emotional health, and avoiding my spiritual health all together. I was overweight, exhausted, and irritated. I knew there had to be a better way.

And, after trial and error, I found the success formula to living a happier, healthier, and better balanced life. I knew I could help others do this too, so I obtained professional coaching certifications in the areas of leadership, health, psychology, and even happiness!

My passion is helping other high achieving entrepreneurs and professionals avoid the pitfalls and challenges I faced bouncing back from rock-bottom by teaching, coaching, and advising on the tools and strategies that are guaranteed to get you back to living the well-balanced life you want.

I live in the State of Washington with my husband, our six children, and turtle. I’ve been self employed for over 20 years and there’s nothing I love more than helping people see their own vision to fruition. In my spare time, I love to ride my bicycle, golf, knit, paint, read, and study.

I changed my life using the process I now teach others. I am passionate about helping other strong, busy high achievers find balance, and I can help you.

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