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Creative Avenue is a space for artists, makers, crafters, and creative minds to come together to share their work and express their creativity through regular markets and events.

You can find our monthly markets from May through September in Anacortes. The markets showcase local vendors and has a boutique retail area that sells local artisan goods when they aren't able to be there in person. Dates and locations for markets vary. Follow us on social media to get notified about upcoming market dates!

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The upcoming markets

Our next market is July 22nd, held at the Port of Anacortes (Transit Shed Event Center) at 100 Commercial Avenue.

More markets are scheduled for October through December. See below for the full list of dates.

Interested in being a vendor at our events? Check out this page for more information.

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You can't use up creativity.

The more you use, the more you have.


Maya Angelou

Meet Our Creative Club Members

Being a member has its perks! Members get access to markets first, connect monthly with other creative minds, and more. Here are our 2023 Creative Club Members. Check out their awesome offerings:

Elise Strachila

Aileron Elise

Hello. I am a local artist here in Skagit County. Aileron Elise is the creative space I am cultivating. 

Being a part of the local creative markets is just beginning for me and I am so looking forward to the opportunity to grow and connect. 

An ‘aileron’ is a part of an airplane wing. The word is French in origin and means “little wing”. 

That is how I think of my art and creativity. Like little wings that float into existence and offer a little levity, some play, fresh air to breathe, space to find some light, and the chance to drift up above the noise.

Watercolor is my favorite. But I also love playing with gel pens, layers of paper, bright acrylics, and chopping up images and pages until my hands are covered in paint, ink and glue stick. 

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Creative Avenue

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