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It started as an idea. 

I moved to Anacortes in 2019 with my husband, Cameron, and loved how many artists and creative humans I met in the Skagit Valley. As a new artist to the area, I was finding my groove and did a few markets in Oak Harbor and around the valley right before the pandemic struck. 

The idea started blooming in 2020 of wanting to create a space where all types of creative minds could gather, share their work, collaborate, and have a space to fully embrace their creativity. 

In 2021, the idea became a reality. 

What began as monthly Makers Markets in July of 2021 at Buxton's in Anacortes, evolved into an abundant community of talented creative people!


In 2022, we had monthly markets, painting classes, dance classes, life drawing meetups, a Creative Cluster book club, and more. 

In 2023, we had a shift in venues and have been hosting markets at the Depot in Anacortes - a beloved venue of the Anacortes Farmers Market - and have been able to schedule dates at the Port of Anacortes - a beautiful, huge open space that we can fill with over 50 makers and artists! 

As we have been growing over the years, the Creative Avenue Members club has also emerged. I wanted to give artists a forum to lift them up, build and grow their businesses, and be connected to a close-knit group of super creative individuals. We currently have just over a dozen members who are a part of this club. I have loved watching them blossom this year so far and can't wait to continue supporting the group as they continue to pursue their creative passions. 

What to know about me...

I grew up in Seattle, where I met my amazing husband (who is also a magician of a chiropractor) in a leadership development class. I love being silly with my family and friends, and absolutely love anything that brings me joy. 


I had all sorts of professions in my 20s and early 30s, including being a tech consultant, a chef, a wedding planner, and more - all part of the journey in finding myself and uncovering my passions.


Delicious food is one of my favorite reasons for living, along with my cats and house plants.


I think everyone has a creative side, it is just exploring yourself and your hobbies in new ways that will allow you to find your creative expression in its true form.

Thank you for stopping by, reading my story, and being a part of our creative community! I'm excited to see you at future markets and events, and around the valley! 

Frannie Bigge

Chief Experience Officer

Creative Avenue, LLC

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Life is too short not to have fun and embrace joy

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