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There is something magical about having a professional take your photo versus just taking a selfie.


It has given me more confidence and made me feel like a total badass in life and my business.


Everyone deserves to have photos of themselves that make them feel beautiful and bold.


Plus, getting professional shots done allowed me to fall even more in love with my brand and be more excited to share what I'm up to with the world. It's a complete game-changer!



Creative Avenue 03a.jpg

taken by a real photographer

Creative Avenue 05.jpg

Credit: Abbie Kunch Photography

Are you ready for some images that represent your best self?

Our last photoshoot was scheduled in April and we'll get another one scheduled for this summer! 




Your branding session is 40 minutes in length and includes up to 2 outfits.


Bringing products (either that you made or resonates with your brand) is encouraged as they can be incorporated into headshots, or can be shot on their own.

Includes 20 edited files

These final images can be headshots, product shots, or a combination of both.

Additional digital files from the session may be purchased.

Location: Downtown Mount Vernon, WA

Photography Studio

Package Cost: $300



As a native to Anacortes, Abbie got into photography at a young age, shooting photos from her mom's camera.

Growing up, she never had a "Family Photoshoot."

All of her family photos were intimate moments captured discreetly on film.

These moments not only became her most cherished photographs, but taught her the true value of a moment and when to seize them.

As a small business owner, Abbie understands what a good headshot can do. Her specialty is in portrait photography as it allows her lens to preserve people as they are in the moment, taking up space.


She loves the stories these frames can tell and she is here to listen to yours!

If you'd like to be notified of our next photoshoot, fill in the form below.

Sign up here to be notified once we have our next photoshoot scheduled!

Thank you! We’ll be in touch when the next date is scheduled.

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