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Creative kids who love to play with color!

This contest is open to all kids from elementary school up to high school who live in Anacortes, WA.

We would like each young artist to submit a mural design (must be an original design) inspired by our community!


The design can be nautical theme or any theme that represents our beautiful, artistic town. Think: Octopus legs, mermaid tails, sailboats, etc. Wings are also welcome if that is what calls to you!

We are looking for a captivating design that is interactive. Our inspiration for this contest came from wing murals that can be found all over the country (pictured here is Frannie Bigge in Nashville #KelseyMontagueArt).

The mural will be painted on an outdoor wall at Buxton's (1904 Commercial Avenue). The winning design will be painted by the artist with help of local adult artists.

Creative Avenue NW (4).png


  • Artists must have permission from parents to participate

  • Artists can be any age between elementary school to high school (no older than 19 as of May 7th)

  • Artists must live in Anacortes

  • All entries must be artist's original work and include bright colors

  • Size of the work must be able to scale within 6ft tall and 10 ft across.

    • Here's a template the artist is welcome to use to practice on and/or to use for their final design (optional). They can also take pictures of their design if they use a different medium to color on (Example: if they paint on a canvas and want to submit that as their design - just take a picture that can be uploaded)

  • Artists can submit up to 2 designs per entry

  • Fee per entry is $15 


March 15

May 1st

May 2nd

May 14th

May 15th

Competition begins, submissions accepted online

Submissions close

Voting begins

Last day to vote for your favorite entry

Winner will be announced at the Creative Avenue Market at noon at Buxton's


The mural will be painted on the south side of Buxton's at 1904 Commercial Avenue in Anacortes.

The space to paint is 6 feet tall and 10 feet across. It can also extend around the corner if you want to play with that in your design!

We can't wait to see your artwork!

Creative Avenue Mural at Buxton's.png
Creative Avenue NW (4).png


Entries will be accepted up until May 1st!


Here are a few pictures to get inspiration from! Some artists that you can also find inspiration from are here:



Anacortes Local Artist: Jennifer Bowman, murals located in Tulip Town and downtown Anacortes

Other inspiration here: Pinterest Public Art Board

fb_img colette miller angel wings.png

Collete Miller Wings
Los Angeles

fb_img palm springs.jpg

Collete Miller Wings
Palm Springs

fb_img wings of wander.jpg

Wings of Wander by Pinkie Mistry
Sevierville, TN

Creative Avenue NW (4).png


1st Place:

$100 gift card to a local art store

Artist's design be painted on outdoor wall of Buxton's at 1904 Commercial Avenue in Anacortes

Runner Up:

$50 gift card to a local art store

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