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Market at Azusa Q&A

Here are all of the details you need to know for our markets at Azusa Garden Centre in Mount Vernon off of Highway 20. This page was created for vendors who have registered for an upcoming event. If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please email Frannie at

What to know for the Market at Azusa Garden Centre

Venue is outdoors

Located at 14904 State Rte 20, Mount Vernon, WA 98273


Vendor Parking:

We request all vendors to park in the field or gravel area just west of the main building at Azusa during the market hours. See the parking information on this page for where to park to unload.

Setup Time: 9AM - 11AM

Market Hours: 11AM - 4PM

Breakdown Time: 4PM - 5PM

Here's a PDF copy of our September Market Flyer

Here is a zipped file with a couple of social media images that can be shared. Once downloaded, you'll need to extract the images.

Setup Details

All booth spaces will be assigned in advance.


If you need a reminder on which spot you reserved, a map will be posted at the bottom of this page the week of the market (the most updated map will be posted the Thursday before the market event if there are any changes). Booths will be marked with chalk or small flags


The entrance to Azusa is accessed while going eastbound on Highway 20 coming from Memorial Highway. 

For Load-In:


GREENHOUSE VENDORS: Please plan on parking on the gravel parking lot to unload your items. We recommend bringing a cart to haul your products to the greenhouse. There is not access to park directly next to the greenhouse building, but there is a walking path. 

SOUTH GARDEN VENDORS: There is a road that leads directly up to the south garden. It is the width of one car - so it is not easy to turn around. You are welcome to park directly behind your tent on the grass to unload and for the duration of the market if you'd like. AND - we do recommend moving your car to the gravel parking lot if possible at the front of Azusa as seeing cars behind booths is not always visually appealing.


Setup begins the day of the market at 9AM.

Please plan to have your booth ready for customers no later than 11AM.


If you need longer than 2 hours to setup, please contact Frannie at

Once you have unloaded your car, please move it as soon as possible so other vendors may unload as well (see the section on where to park here).

The event goes from 11AM - 4PM

What to know about the Booth Spaces:

The booth size you reserved is the amount of space you have to play with.


Booths inside the greenhouse are unique since they include two large tables (see the email from Monday with picture examples and details). The tables are not move-able.

BRING HEAVY WEIGHTS for your tent if you are outdoors, and clamps or heavy items to keep your table cloth in place. The valley can be breezy so heavy weights are always a smart idea to plan for wind. By heavy - we mean at least 40lbs or more. Our last market had strong gusts of wind - so the more weights you have, the better even though the forecast isn't calling for wind at the moment.

If you are unable to make it for any reason, please let us know - even if it is the morning of! We want to make sure there are no gaps and will move vendors around if someone can't make it. Email 


The property does *not* have WIFI, but it does have decent cell coverage. Please plan accordingly.

Breakdown Details

Vendors are not permitted to break down their booth prior to 4PM as it provides a negative experience for shoppers. 

If the weather turns sour, we may let vendors break down early. So far, the weather forecast says it's going to be a beautiful day.

Booth needs/
Building info

Outdoor Vendors:

All vendors must provide their own setup, including tables, linens displays, and tents (if you wish to have one). Most booths are not in a shaded area. 

Please note: Tables/Chairs/Tents are *not* provided with your space.

Green House Indoor Vendors:

Two tables are pre-set up in your booth space. (See email from Monday with picture examples). The tables cannot be moved. You are welcome to bring table-top displays and a narrow chair (less than 23" wide) can fit between the tables. There is not extra room for standing displays or extra tables. Tables are 12 feet long, 4 feet across, and 26 inches tall.

ALL Vendors:

There are no electrical outlets and no wifi access. Please plan accordingly.

Booth lighting: 

It should be a sunny beautiful day, but if your items have specific lighting needs, please bring whatever you need (knowing there are no available outlets). Battery powered items work amazing - I love using a Halo Bolt portable charger for everything!


There are bathrooms located on site in the main building at Azusa.


Bring snacks/food to keep nourished throughout the day!

There are no food vendors at this market and the closest food to the location is in Mount Vernon or near the Skagit Regional Airport (Skagit Landing). Everything is at least a 5-15 minute drive away. Occasionally we will have more food vendors at our markets, but it is best to plan ahead and bring food to stay nourished throughout the day.


We request that vendors not park in the main customer parking lot (directly in front of Azusa's main building) during the market to provide more spaces for shoppers when they arrive.


Vendors can park on the grassy field and gravel area during the market.

Payment types

All vendors need to have their own payment processing methods.

There is not a cash machine on site, so if you are allowing cash payments, please be sure to bring your own petty cash to make change. 

Vendors can choose any method in processing their own payments. Many vendors use Square, Venmo, or Paypal to process electronic payments as well as accepting cash. This is all completely up to you and what works for your business.

There is NO Wifi so any payments taking virtually will need to be done on cell data or you are welcome to set up a mobile hot spot for your booth.

Creative Avenue Market Flyer.png

The Final Layout for the next market will be posted here no later than Friday morning before the market date. 


See photo below for the layout. Subject to change.

Map Layout
Creative Avenue Facebook Covers (4).png
gh Capture.PNG

Here's the Vendor Key for the Sept 9th Market by Vendor Name

Vendor Name & Booth #

GH booths are indoors. All SG booths are outdoors.


Aleta Critchley Art    GH11 10'x12'
C.LeeFranks Candles & More    NG01 10'x10'
Color street    GH07 10'x12'
Como La Flor    GH05 10'x12'
Curate with Kim    GH09 10'x12'
Dex Turns Wood    SG02 10'x10'
DixieCup Flowers    SG01 10'x10'
Golden Goose Chase Art    GH01 10'x12'
JK Kreations    GH08 10'x12'
JR WOODTURNING    GH14 10'x12'
Kaptain Morgan Designs    GH04 10'x12'
KL Textiles    SG07 10'x10'
Kristy Carrico Art    GH02 10'x12'
LindsayMaryArt    GH13 10'x12'
Pampered Chef    SG08 10'x10'
Papered Treasures by Nicole and more    GH12 10'x12'
Red Wolf Candles    SG - Trailer
Simple Little Things    GH10 10'x12'
Southern Girl Designs    NG02 10'x10'
Süss Candy    GH06 10'x12' (or SG03 10'x10' if need to move outdoors)

Sutch Beauty Creations    GH03 10'x12'

Creative Avenue Facebook Covers.png
Creative Avenue Facebook Covers (1).png
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