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Markets at Azusa
Q&A page

This page is currently under construction! Please wait for updates.


This page was created for vendors who have registered for an upcoming event. If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please email Frannie at

What to know for the Markets at Azusa Garden Centre

Venue is outdoors and indoors

Located at 14904 State Rte 20, Mount Vernon, WA


Vendor Parking:

If you plan to hang out during the market hours, please park on the gravel area. We'd love to reserve the parking spots in front of the shop for customers.

Setup Time: 9AM - 10AM

Market Hours: 10AM-3PM

Breakdown Time: 3PM-4PM

Here's a PDF copy of our February 3rd Flyer

Here is a zipped file with a couple of social media images that can be shared. Once downloaded, you'll need to extract the images.

Setup Details

All booth spaces are assigned


If you need a reminder on which spot you reserved, a map will be posted at the bottom of this page the week of the market (the most updated map will be posted the Thursday before the event if there are any changes). 


The entrance is right behind Johnny Picasso's on 5th Street. There should be ample parking for all vendors along 5th.

For Load-In:


Setup begins the day of the Pop-Up at 9AM which gives vendors an hour for setup.


If you need longer than an hour to setup, please contact Frannie at

Once you have unloaded your car, please move it as soon as possible so other vendors may unload as well (see the section on where to park here). Vendors are not required to stay for the day. We will have a main cashier for all booths. 

The event goes from 10am - 3pm.

What to know about the Booth Spaces:

The booth size you reserved is the amount of space you have to play with.

  • Vendors who reserved a table space (4ft or 6ft) will need to bring their own table and tablecloth. 

  • Vendors who reserved a shelf space only need to bring their products or anything they need for their display. 

  • The 5.5 x 2' table space is a table that is fixed permanently to the floor. Whichever vendor reserves that spot can bring a tablecloth if they wish to cover it before creating their product display.

If you are unable to make it for any reason, please let us know - even if it is the morning of! We want to make sure there are no gaps and will move vendors around if someone can't make it. Email 

WIFI /Electrical:

The property has WIFI and a few available electrical outlets. If your items need access to a plug, please bring an extension cord.

Breakdown Details

Vendors are not permitted to break down their booth prior to 3PM as it provides a negative experience for shoppers. 

Vendors will get paid directly from Johnny Picasso's the week after the market. A 20% commission will be deducted from your sales total (unless you are a cashier, which only 5% will be deducted). I am confirming with John on how he will send payment and will let you know before Feb. 2nd.

Booth needs/
Event info

Booth lighting: 

If your products need extra lighting, please bring an extension cord and and lighting products that you need.


There are bathrooms available for vendors and customers in Johnny Picasso's.

Cashier Desk:

We will have one main cashier for all booths at the pop-up shop. Vendors are not required to stay during the open hours. Please return at 3PM to break down. 


For unloading/loading, please park in any open space on 5th Street. Please do not block any driveways. 

If you plan to stay during the open hours (10AM - 3PM), please move your car to Q Avenue, or along Commercial so we can reserve the parking spaces on 5th Street for shoppers.

Payment types

Johnny Picasso's is providing a tablet and card reader for our cashier to use. We'll be using Square POS for all sales. We will also take cash sales. 

Vendors must have ALL of their items individually priced. 

We will be running a report after the event to be able to pay you for the products that sold. 

Creative Avenue Market Flyer (1).png
Map Layout

Here's the Vendor Key for the Feb. 3rd Pop-Up by Vendor Name

Vendor Name & Booth #

For vendors who have a Shelf Booth: Each shelf is 52" long, 11" tall, and 9.45" deep


BeachCastle Sweets    Shelf B
Fidalgo Island Candle Co.    Spot 2: 6ft table
JT Woodturning    Spot 1: 4ft  table
Owl Baby Organics    Shelf G
Rachele Custer    Spot 3: Wall Space for Paintings
RhinoCat Designs    Shelf Space
Sew Sisters    Spot 6: 6ft table
Silver Thread Gardens    Shelf F
VitasGoods    Shelf H

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