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Market at the Depot Q&A

Here are all of the details you need to know for our markets at the Depot in Anacortes. This page was created for vendors who have registered for an upcoming event. If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please email Frannie at

What to know for the Market at the Depot in Anacortes

Venue is indoors, with additional spaces outdoors on the patio. Located at 611 R Avenue, Anacortes, WA 98221


Vendor Parking:

Street parking. We request you do not park directly next to or in front of the building during market hours to leave room for customers to park. There is a lot of street parking available along 6th and 7th, as well as further down R Avenue.

Market Hours: 10 AM - 3PM

Setup Details

All spots are pre-reserved. If you need a reminder on which spot you reserved, a map will be posted at the bottom of this webpage (the most updated map will be posted the Friday before the market event) and booths indoors will be marked off with tape so you have guidelines of where to setup when you arrive.


There are a few entrances to the building that will be accessible during setup and breakdown. On the north side of the building, there is a door on the West side of the building has stairs, while the door on the East side of the building has a ramp. 

For Load-In: You can park in the spaces directly in front of the building, or on the back side of the patio along the building. Please move your car as soon as you are finished unloading.


Setup begins the morning of the market at 8AM.

Outdoor vendors are welcome to setup early if they wish. Please plan to have your booth ready for customers no later than 9:50AM. 


If you need longer than 2 hours to setup, please contact Frannie at and let her know how much time you need. She may be able to open the building slightly earlier than 8AM.

** UPDATE: A map of where to park to unload has been added to the bottom of this page.

Once you have unloaded your car, please move it as soon as possible so other vendors may unload as well.

The event goes from 10 AM until 3PM. 

What to know about the Booth Spaces:

The booth size you reserved is the amount of space you have to play with. Booths are all shoulder to shoulder with their neighboring vendors so please plan accordingly (meaning there is not a path in between booths to walk through). You'll want to plan your booth layout with an option to be able to move around your displays without entering your neighbors booth.

If you are unable to make it for any reason, please let us know - even if it is the morning of! We want to make sure there are no gaps and will move vendors around if someone can't make it. Email 


The property does have WIFI and decent cell coverage.

Wifi is free and does not need a password.

Breakdown Details

Vendors are not permitted to break down their booth prior to 3PM as it provides a negative experience for shoppers. Please plan on breaking down your booth prior to pulling your car to the the lot to make breakdown go as smoothly and allow for cars to pull up easily.

Booth needs/
Building info

All vendors must provide their own setup, including tables, linens displays, and tents (if you are outside).

Please note: Tables are *not* provided with your space.

Electrical outlets are available in most booths, some may need an extension cord. Outdoor booths do not have access to electrical outlets.

Booth lighting: The building is old and the lighting can be inconsistent in areas. If your items have specific lighting needs, please bring display lights and an extension cord (or even better if they are battery powered - I love using a Halo Bolt portable charger for everything!) 

A quick tip...

   ...bring lighting even if you don't think your booth needs it! During gray months, it will help brighten up your booth and attract more customers.

Walls: Please be mindful if you want to hang items on the walls of the building. We recommend that you use command strip hooks or 3M tape - but it must be fully removed once the event is complete.

Layers: The building can be a very drafty, especially in the winter. Bring lots of layers just in case you run cold. We crank up the heat - but it still tends to be cold.

Bathrooms: There are bathrooms located in the building, as well as outdoors. 

Food: Bring snacks to keep nourished throughout the day as there are no food vendors on site! The closest food to the building is on Commercial Avenue (Village Pizza, El Jinete Mexican, Island Cafe, etc) or up at Little Chicago Food Court on Q Avenue and 11th street (has food trucks). Occasionally we will have food vendors at our markets, but it is best to plan ahead and bring food in the case they aren't on site.


We request that vendors not park directly next to the building between 10AM and 3PM (market hours) as we want to leave this open as much as possible for shoppers.


Re-iterating this point as it gets missed frequently and we have to request vendors move their car during the market. 

Parking at this venue is all street parking. We request you do not park directly next to or in front of the building during market hours to leave room for customers to park. There is a lot of street parking available along 6th and 7th, as well as further down R Avenue.

Payment types

All vendors need to have their own payment processing methods.

There is not a cash machine on site, so if you are allowing cash payments, please be sure to bring your own petty cash to make change. 

Vendors can choose any method in processing their own payments. Many vendors use Square, Venmo, or Paypal to process electronic payments as well as accepting cash. This is all completely up to you and what works for your business.

There is Wifi Available if you don't want to use cell data and the wifi is open (no password needed).

Consignment Vendors

This only applies to vendors in the Consignment Room.

Please send me your list of items and pricing prior to the Wednesday before the market so I can get it entered into my POS system (if you'd like an itemized report after the market). I'll be able to send you a report after the event with what you've sold.

The Final Layout for the next market will be posted here by the Friday morning before the market date. 


Photos below are the layouts at the depot for outdoor, then indoor vendors.

Below the photos has the vendor names and booth number to reference.


The map for parking is at the bottom of this page.

Gallery A & B.PNG
Gallery C -2.PNG
Gallery D - 2.PNG

Here's the Vendor Key for the Apr. 15th Market by Vendor Name

Vendor Name & Booth #

Aileron Elise    GC3 10x4'
Allegra Rose Brown    OB15 Outdoor 10x10' Booth
Alyse Yvonne Sticker Co.    GD11 10x8'
Amy Kammenga Photography    OB06 Outdoor 10x10' Booth
Apeeling Sticker Co.    OB18 Outdoor 10x10' Booth
Color Street    OB11 Outdoor 10x10' Booth
Como La Flor    GC7 16x2.5'
Creations of Joy    GB3 10x10'
Ellē Nicole    OB10 Outdoor 10x10' Booth
Fern In The Forest    GD13 8x8'
Fidalgo Island Candle Company    CA4 6x2.5'
foursistersflowers-wa    GD14 8x8'
Gem Essentials    CA7 6x2.5'
Golden Goose Chase Art    CA2 6x4' corner booth
Gray Rose Creations    GD12 8x6'
Gypsy Soul    GD03 8x6'
Holiday Garden    OB20 Outdoor 10x10' Booth
Hook & A Stitch    CA3 6x2.5'
Inkish Murmuring    GB1 6x5'
Island Seed    GC6 8x8'
Issabeau Handmade    OB17 Outdoor 10x10' Booth
Karla Kay Art    GA4 16x2.5 NARROW SPACE
Kristen's Country Kitchen    OB05 Outdoor 10x10' Booth    GD05 8x6'
Melynn Customs    OB13 Outdoor 10x10' Booth
Metaphor Writing Coach    GC4 6x5'
One Love Creations    OB07 Outdoor 10x10' Booth
Paperpie    OB01 Outdoor 10x10' Booth
PIPER    OB04 Outdoor 10x10' Booth
Raising Wolvez    GD06 10x8 Corner Booth
Rewaxation Candle Company    GD01 6x5'
RhinoCat Designs    CA
1 6x2.5'
Rippling Wildflower LLC    GD08 8x6'
Ritual Mischief    CA6 6x4'
Safari Camp    GD07 10x8 Corner Booth
SavEm custom designs    OB12 Outdoor 10x10' Booth
SeaBar    OB14 Outdoor 10x10' Booth
Sew Sisters    GA1 10x10'
Silver Thread Gardens    GC5 6x5'
Southern Girl Designs    CA5 6x2.5'
Spoons to Rings & Things/Trilby's Kitchen    GB4 & GB5
Steadfast Tumblers    OB16 Outdoor 10x10' Booth
Summit Selvage    OB03 Outdoor 10x10' Booth
The Bamboo Fox    GA2 10x10'
The Creative Chorus Girl    GD02 10x8
The Stump of Approval    OB08 Outdoor 10x10' Booth
The Woodsy Wife    GD09 8x6'
Trippy Whidbey    GA3 10x10'
Weathered Ruffles    GB2 6x10'
West Coast Dumpling company    GD10 8x6'
Wildcraft Wellness Studio    GD15 8x6'
William wood creations    GD04 8x6'
Wine Cellar Gifts and more    GC2 9x7'

Creative Avenue (8).png

Parking for Unloading

Please note these spots are just for unloading/loading. 


The Yellow Area on R Avenue is a great spot for vendors who have tents or are in Gallery A or B. 


The Pink Area on R Avenue is street parking that is good for Gallery C and D vendors to unload.


The Orange Area on the east side of the building is also great for Gallery C, D, or even the outdoor vendors. You can access this patio from Market Street.

Please move your car as soon as you are done unloading to make room for other vendors.

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