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A community of like-minded creatives where you'll find the inspiration, support, and accountability to create ease and play while growing your business.

The opportunity to join as a member only happens once a year!  Submit your application by Dec. 31st to join the 2024 Creative Club group. 


We are currently full on membership types for people who make tumblers, candles, and 'permanent' jewelry! We do our best to limit similar-type vendors to ensure a diverse group at each of our markets. All other vendor types are welcome to join for this round of enrollment. 

Meet Our 2024 Members

Creative. Talented. Passionate.

Playing a big game in 2024!

Lovely - Designs by Heather

Heather Forrest

Heather Forrest is a talented artist hailing from the picturesque Whidbey Island.


Her passion for art drives her to experiment with various mediums including watercolor, alcohol ink, pen, and acrylic to create works of beauty. Heather specializes in painting and drawing animals as well as abstract art, which she imbues with a whimsical style that is uniquely her own.


Her art is not just a visual treat, but it also resonates with emotions and connects the audience with nature in a beautiful way. Heather's creations have won the hearts of many art lovers, and she continues to inspire and delight with her artistry.

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2024 Annual Membership Includes


Markets in

Skagit Valley

Get a $350 credit to use toward any Creative Avenue Market between June 2023 - May 2024


Build Your


Work with talented, local photographer to create beautiful photos of you and your products that represent your brand

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Connect with Creatives

Attend exclusive member events to connect with other creative minds to build community