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Ready for something fun?

As adults, we rarely have opportunities to dress up... especially in the last few years.

And we have been itching to do something fun and social with friends. Haven't you?

Join us on Friday, October 21st for our adult version of prom. Get dressed up. Dance with your friends. Take awkward prom-posed photos. Let loose and have some fun!

Whether you attended your HS prom or not, this is a chance to have a do-over! Pick a date you actually want to go with, whether it's your partner or your group of friends. Even rent a limo or hire your kids to be your chauffeur because why not? 

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Let's get fancy!

Dress in an old prom dress, wedding gown, an old bridesmaids dress or grab a new one. Just make sure you are dressed to the nines. It is a masquerade, and we encourage any type of costume since we are nearing Halloween.

We'll provide the DJ and the dance floor, plus have a photobooth so you can be sure to capture some glorious, awkward prom poses.

AND - we'll have an opportunity for you to be crowned prom king or prom queen! Stay tuned for more details. 

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